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Please take note

By Lynda Baulch Mid Devon Indoor Bowls

Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Mid Devon Indoor Bowls Contributor


Paul Reap has kindly agreed to open the club Saturdays evenings for roll ups from 3rd Oct, the club is limited to only 16 players at any time. from 6.30 for a 7pm start. The bar will be open till 9pm.

If you do not intend to join this year please can you return your key fob to the office with any locker keys you may have. if you would no longer like to receive emails from the club please let me know and I can remove you from any future emails.


Monday and Thursday morning league teams are being processed. PLEASE check the League teams 2020-2021 above to ensure I have entered correctly. We are trying to confirm one more team for both the Monday and Thursday evening leagues. Unfortunately we do not have enough ladies to run the Tuesday morning league. Tuesday night league will be finalised when the Monday and Thursday evenings have been sorted.

Just a reminder of how things will be when we return.

The maximum number of players on the rinks at any time is 3 sets of triples, ie 18 players, no more than 6 on any rink, players must not mix or socialise between rinks. 2 metres social distancing must be maintained at all times, and masks worn except when actually playing on the rinks. The one way system on and off the rinks must be observed at all times.

One skip for each rink is nominated to place the mat. The other skip will place the jack. The skip of the team who won the toss or the end, will decide where the mat and jack are to be placed. No-one else is to touch the mat or jack. Hand sanitisers should be used before handling the mat and jack.

One player (lead or second) is nominated to use the pusher. No-one may touch anyone else’s bowls and picker-uppers should not be shared.

No handshaking and players must remain at least 2m apart at all times.

Tables and chairs will be placed in the lounge and marked for the use of each rink, please keep to the same place. Shoes may be changed here.

The changing rooms are not to be used except for access to lockers and toilets. Please ensure that the 2m distancing is maintained when using lockers and toilets.

Sorry but I am sure we will all get used to this crazy new world but most important to all of us is your safety at this time.

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  • 01884243333

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